Runner, Runner

So, I guess I am a runner… After 3-months of training, two minor injuries, a little more than 100 miles and my first 5k officially under my feet, I completed my first training program, met my first goal, and fell in love with the idea of pushing myself to new limits.

Tonight was the first night of training toward my next goal, or should I say phase two: goal #1 part b (finish my 5k in 30 minutes or less — I’m so close!), goal #2 (run 5 miles) and goal #3 (complete a 10k) — Go BIG or Go Home!!

I should mention that when I started this new adventure, I did not intend to run for time. I was (and still am) more interested in seeing how far I can go, but I thought goal #1 part b would be a good way to transition to my next goal — baby steps!

So while running tonight (and fighting hard to reach my goals), I came up with my own top 5 motivators of the night to keep me going:

#5: Running in the rain is not as refreshing as it sounds before leaving the house (read: drown rat) — Move it girl so you can get home to dry off and warm up!!

#4: While the golden-yellow autumn leaves lining the street are beautiful to look at, they are slippery as $%^&* when it is raining out! — Avoid those streets when running!!

#3a: DO-NOT-EVER-AGAIN think that just before school lets out is a good time to run — it is not!! Neither students, or parents, or teachers, or bus drivers care if you are doing everything right (look both ways, use the cross walk and sidewalk, yield the right of way) — If you are not on wheels, you will not be seen!!

#3b: Running past your own house when you are cold and soaked to the bone because you still have three run cycles remaining, stinks!! — Note-to-Self: Take some time to plan out a route — preferably nowhere near the schools at dismissal time!!

#2: Having a Journey moment after experiencing #4 and #3 is a perfectly acceptable thing to do — Belting out “Don’t Stop Believin’” at the top of your lungs may get you a few stares from the neighbors, but is considered an appropriate form of motivation — at least in my book!!

#1: Realizing that yes, yes that voice in my ear (read: my training app) just said I did run 5 miles (and then some) and then seeing my nice, dry, warm house (again) come into view feels pretty damn AMAZING!!!

So yes, I guess I can say I am now officially a Runner, Runner… 😉

rainy night

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