Real Beauty — “Dove Real Beauty Sketches”

For those of you who may have been living under a rock the past few days, I’d like to introduce you to the “Dove – Real Beauty Sketches“…

I have to admit, before I watched this video, I started to define my own “beauty” — round rosy cheeks, thin lips, eyes that don’t sparkle as much as they used to. Wow, really? If that’s how I see myself, I can only imagine how others see me… But, after this video I have a renewed perspective on what “real beauty” is.

Real beauty is, and has always been, what’s on the inside. As a mother of two little girls, I think it’s important to remind not only my girls, but myself, that what we have on the inside will outshine what we have on the outside.

That said, I think it is also important to recognize and celebrate  just how unique and beautiful we all are. If it wasn’t for my grandmother and her fuzzy blonde tight permed hair and rose-colored lips, my mother wouldn’t be here today… and if it weren’t for my mother and her 1970’s middle hair part and lack there of make-up look, I wouldn’t be here today… and if it weren’t for me and my brown straight hair and “round rosy cheeks”, my beautiful little girls wouldn’t be here today…

My point is this: we are all unique; we are all beautiful; we should all be thankful for the generations of beautiful women who came before us, who not only helped shape us by sharing their physical traits or outer beauty, but graced us with their inner beauty as well.

So to my grandmothers, my mother, my mother-in-law, my aunts, my sister, my sisters-in-law, my beautiful little girls, my friends, and yes, to myself, I want to tell you this… YOU are BEAUTIFUL!!



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