Preschool Schmeskool

Ugh, preschool registration is staring me in the face this week, and to be completely honest, this momma ain’t ready! My EB will turn four-years-old later this spring which makes her eligible for a four-year-old preschool program this coming fall. And while I know she will love this new adventure, I on the other hand am feeling sick to my stomach about the whole thing.

She is just growing up too fast! I admit that sometimes I forget that she is only three — there is just so much curiosity, so much personality, so much attitude that surrounds my little girl that I have to take a step back and remind myself that she is only three (going on 13). I’m not sure I’m ready to give up her morning snuggles, her witty remarks, her one-millionth-and-one question of the day just yet… then again, her temper tantrums, her stubbornness, and her attitude leave some things to be desired at times.

As trying as my little EB is, I love spending time with her. Call it guilt, but from the day she was born until she was almost three, I placed her in a daycare environment while I commuted 4 hours a day (2 hours each way) to work for another 8 hours in between. I got to see her for maybe an hour each night before it was her bedtime. I missed her, and now that I was able to make the switch to a full-time stay-at-home-mom I have the pleasure of seeing her all day, everyday and that’s not something I’m ready to give up just yet.

Granted, I know I don’t have to send her to preschool, but I worry about what impact not sending her would have on her entering Kindergarten the following year? I want to do the best thing for her not just me.

After a lot of reflection and support from some great friends, I am starting to see the light… I know this new adventure will be a benefit for EB as well as me — I can only imagine the stories she will come home with at the end of the day! I just hope that I’ll be ready… until then, I’m going to enjoy my beautiful EB and the mommy time I get with her!

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