Falling on Deaf Ears

I now understand how “parents” can be deaf by the time they’re 50 — okay, who am I kidding, by the time they’re 30! Having recently hit the big 3-0 milestone (okay, yes it was six-months ago, but I’m still new to the idea of being considered by the twenty-somethings in my life as “middle-aged”, geesh, I’m barely in my thirties, but I digress) I knew some things were bound to start going — my hips are a little wider, my eyes look a little “tired” to quote the perky little tartlet at the make-up counter at the mall, and yes, my hair is sprouting some of its own natural highlights, but what I was not prepared for was the change in my ability to make out audible sounds…

As I sat on the couch last night curled up with my hubby watching a movie, I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many times I turned to him and asked, “what did he say” or “could you please turn that up?” Seriously!?! I’m only, gulp, 30!!! But, as I sat there in my movie watching stupor, I started to question how my hearing got so bad (so quickly, too, I might add)… and then it hit me!

The sounds that my two beautiful little girls make melt my heart… Their laughs… Their singing… Their “I love you mommy’s”… And yes, even their “I went potty in the potty’s,” but let’s face the facts — the decibel levels they can reach are beyond comprehension, especially to those without children. I mean really, how on earth is it possible for such tiny little people to accomplish such ear-piercing, head pounding, eye cringing sounds?!?

I used to laugh when I would hear (from the other room, I might add) my parent’s cell phones ring at levels that would wake the dead, and they wouldn’t even stir to answer it because they “didn’t hear it ringing,” but now, it’s not so funny…

Perhaps one day I will be presented with an opportunity to enact my revenge, oops, I mean share this “coming of age” experience with my little beauties, but until then, I’m investing in some ear plugs!!!

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